We are thrilled to present another issue of three generation of voices, this time featuring Juris, Jamie Rivera, and Jose Mari Chan. They all have found a distinct place in Philippine music, highlighted by their most recent concerts at the Music Museum.

Now spanning three generations, each artist’s music is diverse on its own brand of music. Music is one big reason that can bring together generations. Through their songs, people are taught wonderful ways to use it in their daily lives.

Juris is a singer-songwriter known for her heartbreaking ballads and soothing renditions of popular OPM and foreign songs mostly for local TV shows. Whereas “Inspirational Diva” Jamie Rivera intends to revisit her pop roots through her 30th anniversary in the entertainment industry. Finally, a veteran composer and OPM legend Jose Mari Chan evokes an era of romanticism through his recent 50th-year celebration in the music industry.

  • Juris…  Medleys of My Heart

Juris… Medleys of My Heart is one rare concert for one of the country’s top-selling recording artists, Juris. Performing top hits and her favorite songs as she showcases an all-medley repertoire of songs that have touched the story of her life.

With a mix of her signature soothing balladry, she was joined on stage by Jay Durias (South Border vocalist/keyboardist), R&B royalties Jason Dy and Daryl Ong and acoustic star Aiza Seguerra as guest artists.

Juris admitted that she misses performing this kind of intimate performances. Her repertoire includes her versions of OPM hits “Kaleidoscope World,” “Now That I Have You,” “Sa Isip Ko,” “Kapag Ako Ang Nagmahal,” “I Love You Goodbye,” “Friend of Mine,” “Your Love,” “A Love to Last,” “Someday,” “Let Me Be the One,” “Nasaan Ka Na,” Moonlight Over Paris,” “Forevermore,” “Rainbow,” and “So Slow.”

Juris and Jay Durias – Forevermore (video by Karyl)


  • Hey It’s Me, Jamie

The former Miss Saigon actress  and inspirational diva Jamie Rivera, known for her OPM hits like “Hey It’s Me,” “Mahal Naman Kita, “Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba,” and “I’ve Fallen For You,” is a singer-composer who inspires listeners to fall in love, both for the country and for faith.

Encompassing her 30-year music journey, Jamie continues to reinvent herself and further explores her music through the concert entitled “Hey It’s Me, Jamie” in collaboration with stage director Paolo Valenciano.

She promised to continue singing all kinds of songs that will inspire people. After all these years, her distinctive vocals has proven that she’s worth listening to. Among the songs she performed are “Jubilee Song,” “Heal Our Land,” and “Thank You.”

The powerful Miss Saigon suite is performed by Jamie with Pinky Amador, Jenine Desiderio, and Bimbo Cerrudo. Other guests include Ito Rapadas, Jason Zamora, Joshua Zamora, Jona, Klarisse, Bailey May, and Janella Salvador.

Snippets from Hey It’s Me, Jamie! 30 Years The Concert (video by ABS-CBN Star Cinema)


  • Jose Mari Chan: Songs of a Lifetime

Legendary singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan, also known as the Father of Philippine Christmas Carols, performs a benefit show organized by ICA Batch 1993. It has been a remarkable experience to watch him live in a full-length concert for the first time.

With a career that spans more than five decades, he sang some of the world’s best  and timeless OPM songs namely “After Glow,” “Moments Dream,” “Deep in My Heart,” “Refrain,” “Stop and Talk A While,” Is She Thinking About Me,” Please Be Careful With My Heart,” “Afraid for Love to Fade,” “Mr. Songwriter,” “Tell Me Your Name,” “Thank You, Love,” “Beautiful Girl,” “A Love to Last,” and “Christmas in our Hearts.”

The OPM legend also acknowledged the conception and success of his songs to his wife, Mary Ann Ansaldo. He said that most of his compositions would not have been written if not for his wife as an inspiration.

“Jose Mari Chan: Songs of a Lifetime” is a journey through a musical time machine of hits showcasing some of the greatest songs ever written. It’s a one-night celebration of how spectacular these songs have become the soundtrack of our lives.


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