The Moffatts hits the stage in Manila with a crowd-pleasing concert held at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum on February 18, 2017. It’s a farewell tour, but only because it’s time to begin working on some new music and more interesting sound.The-Moffatts-Farewell-Tour-(33)

We’re lucky enough to take pictures at the special area in front of the stage. It’s not very often that people get the opportunity to shoot from the pit. We are thankful to Midas Promotions and Ms. Grace Foronda for this chance to get that perfect shot. It was an amazing photo pit experience!The-Moffatts-Farewell-Tour-(32)



The iconic pop rock band was known for hits like “Miss You Like Crazy,” “If Life is So Short,” Girl of My Dreams,” “Bang Bang Boom,” and “I’ll Be There for You,” among many others. The Moffatts reminisced on their previous biggest shows in Manila, performed their 90s hits, shared stories onstage, and offered new music to look forward to.

The Moffatts are happy to be back for the first time after 16 years. It has been a week long concert promotions that includes engaging interviews, radio & TV guestings and live stream performances.The-Moffatts-Farewell-Tour-(40)

“They are one of the most accommodating bands ever,” tells PR Specialist Grace Foronda.

From the photo pit view, it’s really nice to actually look around, to see everyone’s smiles and kilig on their faces. Delighted screaming fans followed them everywhere — those who grew up listening to their music, who bought The Moffatts wallpapers, magazines, song hits and mix tapes; they all had a wonderful time reminiscing each of their own fond childhood memories. For some, it’s a teenage dream to watch them live.

It has been a very nostalgic concert experience. More than their live performance and phenomenal presence, what’s more admirable was the increasing overall experience every time they interact with Filipino fans. It was indeed a notable farewell treat. Bang bang boom! Fan video below courtesy of iams queenyb.

Scott (guitars/vocals), Clint (bass/vocals) and Bob (drums) looked dashing in casual clothes. Fans cheered, danced and sang throughout with songs included in the set list below.

  1. Crazy
  2. I’ll Be There for You
  3. Who Do You Love
  4. Distract Me
  5. Tell Me
  6. I Won’t Call
  7. Whenever Not Ever
  8. Bang Bang Boom
  9. Call the Doctor
  10. Just Another Phase
  11. Girl of My Dreams
  12. When You Say Nothing At All
  13. Broke
  14. I Will
  15. Amen For Women
  16. Without You
  17. Love Isn’t
  18. Rainy Afternoon
  19. Girls of the World
  20. Love You More
  21. Misery
  22. If Life is So Short
  23. Love
  24. Miss You Like Crazy

The Moffatts’ father and manager Frank Moffatt sang country music as the front act. We also enjoyed the boys’ acoustic sets as they also shared the stage with Rachel Peters.The-Moffatts-Farewell-Tour-(26)

Clint and Bob have released their new EP under the name Endless Summer, with the debut single “Amen for Women” and cover “When You Say Nothing at All.” Meanwhile, Scott Moffatt continues his musical journey, sings solo spot with “Distract Me,” “Tell Me,” “I Won’t Call,” and “Whenever Not Ever” in pop electro sound. Watch out for more of their new songs, soon to be available online!




“Miss You Like Crazy” as their finale song sent shivers down the spine. It feels good to relive what that craze feels like all over again. Fan video below courtesy of iams queenyb.

“Thank you for giving us something and we hope we gave something back. Thank you for making this an amazing experience for us,” ends Bob.

And as we look back into their music, just by listening already evokes profound memories, makes us recall strong emotions and allows us to relive the moments all over again. It’s called The Moffatts magic and the power of music.



Check out the concert’s best moments captured on video by Kameraki Studios!

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