The 90s iconic band of brothers from Canada The Moffatts toured across Southeast Asia — Scott (guitars/vocals), Clint (bass/vocals) and Bob Moffatt (drums) — played their Farewell Tour concert at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum recently. Who wouldn’t forget the coolest photo pit experience where we had the chance to get those Moffatts perfect shots.An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (1)

Meanwhile, a completely different version of Dave Moffatt (keyboards/vocals) and thrilling one-man show staged at the Music Museum recently after his absence from The Moffatts Farewell Tour in Manila.

“In February my brothers were here. I can’t make it honestly obviously, I have prior commitments but I’m here now,” opens Dave at the concert. It makes sense how pop/rock nostalgia is in full swing again.

It has always been about breaking boundaries that until today, The Moffatts remains the biggest selling international band of all time.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (12)

Just like Scott, Clint, and Bob, Dave is happy to be back for the first time in 16 years as he enjoys a month-long concert promotion. He’s been busy using his free time exploring the country and experiencing the Filipino culture first hand.

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

“It’s hard to say goodbye coz goodbyes are not easy especially when it’s something so great like what we have here and what we have together with the Moffatts. But goodbyes are portal life as well, and I think we are at the stage where we’re running to move forward, to a new direction. We say goodbye to find something new too, right?” expresses Dave before singing another song.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (3)

Today, Dave is a seasoned yoga instructor but his much-anticipated return to the Philippines lets him try on some uniquely Filipino jobs. He tried how to be a jeepney barker, a Jollibee crew, a fishball vendor, and a water deliveryman, all documented through a video. During his stay, he also conducted yoga classes in between his promotions, performances, and online interactions. The Moffatts’ music evokes emotions and relieves the memories that defined them for years. An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (22)

When Dave’s acoustic set began, the room was filled with the sound of vintage Moffatt songs, newly arranged ones and covers. The Filipino audience seems delighted at the ear-splitting scream of the fans as they show their love for Dave. Opening video courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.

Check out his setlist below:

Bang Bang Boom
Walking Behind
Love Isn’t Until You Loved Me
Don’t Walk Away
A Million Reasons
Who Do You Love
With A Smile
You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Girl of My Dreams
When You Say Nothing At All
I’ll Be There for You
Tell Me What Your Heart Says
When God Made You
If Life is So Short
Slow Down
Always in My Heart
Miss You Like Crazy

I also love his version of the OPM hit and Eraserhead’s original entitled “With A Smile.” The video is courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.

The Perfect Artist-to-Fan Relationship

It’s adorable how Dave accommodated the fans during the meet and greet before the concert. Purchasing a VVIP package accompanies your ticket to a selfie with Dave, a signed postcard and 4 months Platinum membership to Dave’s Online Yoga Class. At the venue lobby is where you can also find exclusive concert merchandise.

More than the music and the showmanship, the highlight of the night is when you got a picture with Dave as part of the intimate experience.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (7)

During the performances, Dave mentioned the fans’ undying support, thanking them and dedicating songs to them. “I owe it to all of you guys, thank you. If this support and this love weren’t here, this wouldn’t be happening. Thank you all for giving us the opportunity, you’re really special,” says Dave as he wishes personally to give thanks and share what he can with the people whose support is very much valuable.

He pays touching tribute to his Filipino fans. Beyond the phenomenal music, Dave Moffatt’s return is about celebrating these people who still believed in them after all these years.An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (15)

Maybe that’s what made him dance to Hanson’s “Mmmbop” and performed it well with all his dance moves. Why “Mmmbop”? “Because “Mmmbop” has a dance here, a very Filipino culture sort of thing and their dance is popular that I wanted to learn,” Dave replies to the emcee. Video below is courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.

Getting to Know the Moffatts Brotherhood

Dave’s breathless solo show has given us a sneak peek of the Moffatts brotherhood through an entertaining 15-minute question and answer segment. Dave was given placards written with all of the Moffatts names on it and all he has to do is to answer the questions honestly.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (17)

But little did he know, all of his brothers have also answers to all these questions. This is what makes the Q&A more exciting and fun. Choices between Scott, Clint, Bob, and Dave are the only answers to the intriguing and revealing questions below. Know the answers, pick your choice!

  • Which Moffatt is the most charming?
  • Which Moffatt is the most fashionable?
  • Which Moffatt is the messiest?
  • Which Moffatt is the smartest?
  • Which Moffatt is the least athletic?
  • Which Moffatt is the most gwapo?
  • Which Moffatt is the nicest to fans?
  • Which Moffatt talks the most in interviews?
  • Which Moffatt is the hardest to wake from sleep?
  • Which Moffatt was the worst dress in the 90s?
  • Which Moffatt have the worst haircut in the 90s?
  • Which Moffatt is the least likely to get caught doing something bad?
  • Which Moffatt is the most impatient?
  • Which Moffatt has the best singing voice?
  • Which Moffatt has changed over the years?

“I think that we are awesome and each has something different to offer, we all have different voice qualities,” defends Dave with the question “Which Moffatt has the best singing voice?” And with regards to the last question, “We all have changed, not equally but differently. We’ve all been down our own paths and some of us changed professionally, musically or spiritually. Every day we’re changing, we’re transforming, our thoughts and mediums change our paths,” shares Dave. “Which Moffatt is Game” video is courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.

We remember that recently, Clint and Bob have released their new EP under the name Endless Summer, with the debut single “Amen for Women” and cover “When You Say Nothing at All.” While Scott Moffatt continues his musical journey as a solo artist with new tracks “Distract Me,” “Tell Me,” “I Won’t Call,” and “Whenever Not Ever” in pop electro sound. Watch out for more of their new songs, soon to be available online!

Hands down to the super-fun-guy-slash-emcee who conducts this interview onstage as he easily connects to Dave and to the audience well. He helped fans get into the sneak peeks into the lives of the Moffatts.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (16)

“I will be coming back. Next time it’ll be a little longer. Who would have thought that I’ll be dancing onstage? C’mon, not me, right? It’s pretty insane. Eating street food, I love eating street food here. I’ve learned some working experiences, new skills, and I really wish my brothers were here with me to share this stage,” narrates Dave as he introduces his brothers Scott, Clint, and Bob on the big screen and eventually collaborated on the song “If Life is so Short.”An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (23)

It’s impressive how artists nowadays can collaborate through video conferencing and overcome distance as it allows synchronized music performance and perfectly relaying high fidelity sound. The clarity and timing made us all enjoy this diverse performance of the Moffatts. Video below is courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.

An Intimate Night with Dave Moffatt (20)

Ang just like how The Moffatts Farewell Tour concert ended, the show concluded with their biggest hit “Miss You Like Crazy.” He rounded off the set with the Moffats major hits, it was very intimate and brilliant. The show itself is incredible with his impeccable commitment to give the fans the ultimate Dave Moffat experience. The video is courtesy of Shirley Mae Sibulan.


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