In Photos: Gabe Bondoc Live in Manila

Fil-Am acoustic singer-songwriter Gabe Bondoc has finally performed in Manila for the first time ever. The demand for tickets led him and organizers (MAS Presents and Sovereign Hill Records) to open a second date performance, in which both are sold-out! He was accompanied by X Factor Australia star Calvin Orosa alongside local artists like Keiko Necesario, Justin Vasquez, Blessie Pica and FMD Extreme.

Filipino fans were mesmerized and overwhelmed with Gabe’s presence. Screaming was all over the venue and I think they’re one of the best crowds ever! Gabe and the fans’ music connection over the years were truly impressive and notable.

“I think everything that we did was very organic. We learned how to build our fan base without actually getting into people faces and be like ‘listen to me.’ It was just really cool how just having fun and doing what we loved kind of sparked a small revolution as far as where the music scene went,” narrates Gabe regarding how he started his career. “Yeah, it wasn’t like we all sat down and masterminded this thing. The Internet was the new way to do that. If I posted on YouTube, then they could all watch it at once. And I think that was the big thing with YouTube is it gathered all the fans into one place,” he adds in an interview with Billboard Ph.

He first joined YouTube in June 2006 and one of his most popular videos is his original song “You’re It” with more than 2M views as of press time. Video below is his performance of this song at the concert, video by

We’ve seen Gabe’s non-stop passion and heart put into every song he played. We listened to his songs not just from YouTube anymore but live onstage as he also promoted his new album, “Twelve.” Gabe also performed for a VIP fans’ day and has toured TV, radio and online before the said concerts at Teatrino. Check out Gabe Bondoc on Rappler Live Jam.

Gabe and Calvin live on ASAP Chill Out in this video by Chikkaness Ave:

Meet and greet after the concert has been very memorable as Gabe tirelessly took time talking, hugging and kissing each fan who came to the concert, signed merchandise and personal items, not complaining about all the requests for video greetings or even Boomerang videos.

It’s the moment every fan was all waiting for! Meeting Gabe Bondoc personally was an exceptional treat.


We love Gabe’s stories of his first-time experiences here in the Philippines especially his narrations of the different backgrounds of every song he performed below:

  • Bruno Mars Medley: “24k Magic,” “Chunky,” “Finesse,” “That’s What I Like,” and “Versace on the Floor”
  • Covers: “Here Now” (Hillsong Worship) and “Thinking ‘Bout U” (Frank Ocean)
  • Disney songs: “Part of your World” (The Little Mermaid), “How Far I’ll Go” (Moana), “The Circle of Life” (The Lion King)
  • Original songs: “Sea Foam,” “Summertime,” “You’re It,” “Jacob’s Blues,” “When You Say,” “The Weight,” “First Choice,” “Gentlemen Don’t,” “Stronger Than,” and “Black Book.”

In Photos: Gabe Bondoc Live in Manila

March 3, 2017 Photo Set HERE.

March 4, 2017 Photo Set HERE.

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