Glaiza de Castro’s “Dreams Never End” concert has been one of the first essential steps in climbing the way up on the music ladder.

During that sold out show, I’m a little regretful about not taking any decent pictures— but as far as I remember, a great part of her success that night is that she performed with her greatest idols namely Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Cookie Chua and Kitchie Nadal. Whereas the most interesting highlight is her special spot among friends who performed with her like JayR, Gabby Eigenmann, Ketchup Eusebio and Rhian Ramos.

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (3)

This time around with “KunGdiman,” I saw her being very hands-on with her frequently visiting the Music Museum office to check if all things are working on the plan. I find this pretty impressive, and I’m excited to be able to work with her behind the scenes.

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (9)

Surprisingly, KunGdiman is one of the musical thrills I didn’t know I’ve been longing to watch. With her taste of wide-array of indie-pop compositions, now she’s adorned with an eclectic stage and a more challenging lights design.

It’s not only that she is well-known for memorable roles on TV, her songwriting and concerts share her love for music to a much wider audience. Her version of KPop songs is another side of her that is playful and charming. Video by ishtine18.

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (20)

She offers nothing but entertainment as she dedicates her performances to fans and to her loved ones. Glaiza introduces her latest offering “Magandang Simulain,” her latest single of the album with the same title. Video by Yvette Hazel Lim.

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (17)

This album is a tribute to the past generations’ musicians; all the way back in the 70s including songs like “Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata” of ASIN, “Dukha” ng Aegis, “Ang Himig Natin” of Juan Dela Cruz, at “Bato sa Buhangin” of Cinderella.

Mike Hanapol who represented his music era also performed during the concert with the songs “Ang Himig Natin” and “Laki sa Layaw.”

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (10)

Gloc-9 also graced the show with an explosive collaboration of “Pag-ikot” and “Upuan.”

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (18)

The communal experience has been one the best part of the night. Glaiza is looking vibrant and spirited in colorful pink hair. You could tell through the fans and supporters’ humbled and grateful faces for how genuinely happy they are as they sing along to every lyric of Glaiza’s songs. These new songs sound great due to her sheer talent in songwriting and versatility.

Glaiza de Castro KunGdiman (7)

Seeing her again live just makes me love her music more than I already did, and these pictures make me want you to see the love that I am talking about. Glaiza is definitely where she’s at.


KunGdiman Setlist:

  1. Waiting Shed
  2. Dusk ‘Til Dawn
  3. Spoken Words (Paano Ko Uumpisahan ang Kwento)
  4. Barcelona
  5. Pag-ikot (with Gloc-9)
  6. Upuan  (with Gloc-9)
  7. Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata
  8. Bato sa Buhangin
  9. Dukha
  10. Ang Himig Natin / Laki sa Layaw (Mike Hanopol)
  11. Ganti
  12. London
  13. KPop Medley (Fantastic Baby, Haru-Haru & Stay With Me)
  14. Sinta
  15. Magandang Simulain

Check out the official music video of “Sinta,” a song she co-wrote with Angelica Panganiban, also included on the album Magandang Simulain. Music video by polyestrecords.

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