Put3Ska relives the era of Pinoy ska music through the band’s recent successful reunion concert, “Put3Ska: The Grand Reunion Concert, the median age folks in the crowd witnessed a joyous crazy set at the intimate venue which comfortably accommodated the diverse dancing crowd.

Beat Bahnhof Rocks Before Put3Ska

The Japanese band Beat Bahnhof opened the stage for the band with a refined skanking vibe. The seven-piece band namely Akihiro.o (bass), Masaki (organ), Thomas (trombone), Wada (drums), Makoto (guitar), and Len (saxophone) offered to warm up the stage and ignited it with their unadulterated ‘ska’ sounds and did a great job in keeping the audience alive and well.

Put3Ska: Manila’s Finest

It felt like the 90’s all over again when Put3Ska members eventually lined up and came out of the stage while the audience shows a buzz-worthy welcoming cheer.

Lead by original vocalist Myra Ruaro, now known as Skarlet Brown; the band has been around since 1994, ascend to success and has been a staple of the rock club scene, the radio airwaves, and noontime shows.

The band is heavily influenced by the TWO TONE (English Ska) movement of the late 70s based on the Jamaican SKA/ RAGGAE music discipline. They have since released two best-selling albums – the self-titled debut, and “Manila’s Finest.”

Put3Ska reigns at the Music Museum recently and this was my first time seeing them live. Among other two generation vocalists (Emlee Nicart & Mae Ylagan) present, Skarlet upon entering the stage quickly captured people’s attention and spirits. It’s her voice and the rock-solid musicianship that makes the band a worthy music entity.

It’s amazing to know that in front of me are some of the best musicians of the country that helped define a genre like Pinoy ska that would last through the decades and influence many artists globally.

The reunion concert aims to arouse the consciousness and fire up the Ska/Reggae aficionados and finally to establish and set the standard for the local Ska/Reggae genre and their corresponding demand to relive the music and fashion experience.

My favorite ‘Manila Girl’ showed why Put3Ska made it so big 21 years ago. For me, it’s among the best songs of the night. The reunion concert is a sweaty, non-stop dance party and ska-filled good time, I doubt anyone would have complained that it would took the band to play two hours of ripping through classics like “Birthday Holiday,” “Manila’s Finest,” “Love,” “My Boy Lollipop” and “Short Stories.” The video below courtesy of pmaligaya.

The crowd never run out of energetic cheer as they dance and sing along with the awesome repetitive sounds of ska. These are the moments that showed just why their music connected so well to Pinoy audience.

The show closed with another Put3ska hit, ‘Birthday Holiday,’ inexplicably manifests the seminal Philippine ska band. Also, the band returns with plans for a tour and an upcoming album, something to look forward to for all the Pinoy ska fans.

More Photos HERE.

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