The Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop Launch: How to train yourself to be more creative

They say, Creativity takes courage.” As I agree with these beautiful words of Henri Matisse, it is also deeply-rooted in my mind that each of us has a diverse way, perspective and capability to think creatively. To be able to communicate it in your own manner is another thing.

Creativity is self-expression that can be explored through a variety of artistic disciplines. In my own creative journey—magazine layouts, newspaper page designs, and photography, all have been very encouraging and worth taking the risk of pursuing my artistic side.

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However, attending the Papemelroti Art Journal Workshop is a different thing, especially when the invitation is extended by the “art of craft master” himself, Sir Robert Alejandro.

I was previously tagged by my high school friend Chingz from Sir Robert’s Facebook thread to attend a certain workshop event, knowing on my end that I do not have the courage to put myself out there because of the belief that it’s a different medium.

Before this, I have created a few scrapbooks for myself, usually made up of pictures and scrap art materials available at home and some bought from Papemelroti stores. It is personal, though I have shared some of it online, literally sharing it with others is a risk of being judged.

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My initial ideas and intuition in creating art journal are the synchronicity of artistic drawing and persuasive words. Sir Robert, co-owner of Papemelroti,  taught us the easy ways to train ourselves to be more creative.

“There are no rules and there are no ways to get it wrong,” tells Sir Robert as he explained that it’s all about the imagination and freeing oneself to get creative. His words are very empowering as he facilitates the workshop with the materials in his hands and a big screen monitor on his back for us to follow to.

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Participants were welcomed by a name tag, an art journal kit by Papemelroti and welcome drinks, accompanied by a warm handshake from Sir Robert as you enter the door to the Artisan’s Workshop.

Papemelroti turns 50

There is so much heart, soul and passion in Papemelroti to be able to build its own brand. They expanded their common love for art and joy in creating to be able to keep the enterprise going for 50 years.

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PaPeMelRoTi, better known as the siblings Patsy Paterno, Peggy Pilapil-Lasa, Meldy Fider, Robert Alejandro and Tina Burke, is a family-run company that has been producing original, eco-friendly gifts, stationery, and home décor since 1967. It’s a business they inherited from their parents Corit and Benny Alejandro.

The Artisan’s Workshop

I am delighted to see the charming craft room after passing by a small vintage clothing shop at the end of the wooden staircase. It has the full concept of teaching creativity — a shift towards the increasing value for all creative learners and art enthusiasts.

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The launching of the new Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop is an innovative thinking model for the celebration of Papemelroti’s 50th anniversary. It is Papemelroti’s way to continuously spread the love for the arts, creative visualization, inspiration, and play.

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At the Artisan’s Workshop, you can find an open space with inspirational artworks —painted walls, milky tables, chairs and art supply shelves with Pinoy-made Papemelroti products ready for various projects.

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The workshop is where you can’t think of anything else but good vibes to be more and more creative. It is one-of-a-kind, not only can you buy all your materials there, you can also find this place inspiring to put your crafts together with like-minded friends and loved ones.

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You can decor your own planners, tumblers, design notebooks, decor a coin bank or create papier-mâché dolls with complete kits readily available at the workshop. Papemelroti’s original flagship store is located at 91 Don Roces, Quezon City, the same location of the Artisan’s Workshop.

Promoting creativity with Papemelroti

Thanks to Chingz that I was able to experience first the Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop and get to experience Sir Robert’s workshop personally. I have known Papemelroti since my college days, those days when I still have no budget to buy me anything from the shop. Occasional store visits in Cubao has been a habit since then.

With 50 years in the business and currently has 21 stores, what’s amazing with Papemelroti is that it continues to participate and create a program in developing creative skills. To create a room that recognizes creativity is the Artisan’s Workshop’s main task.

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Sir Robert, being an expert, is not only an inspiring art teacher but a powerful motivator. His creative energy is contagious. He is one of the most creative people I’ve known since my childhood because of “Art is Kool” on TV.

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He changed the perspective on my own creative thinking. He lets me believe that I can do more than what I believed I can.

He shared us some of his approaches to stay creative:

  • Do not to blame for the lack of creativity, dedicate play time to be creative instead
  • Embrace creativity with its flaws as you establish creative freedom
  • Be motivated to consider new ideas, concepts, and experiences

“You can improve with a lot of practice as you overcome your fears and hesitations of not being creative,” reveals Sir Robert. It’s the most influential thing that I’ve heard from him during the art journal workshop. I learned that every activity is a skill to learn and that I just need to naturally develop it with all the encouragement to be able to allow growth. Granting all these on our minds is a recommendation to produce amazing results that we can come up with.

In Photos HERE: The Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop Launch

Check out the happenings from Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop, video by When in Manila. Photo links to our Facebook page HERE.

Address: Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop, 2/F, Papemelroti, 91 Roces Ave., Q.C.
Open daily except Sundays from 8AM-8PM
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